Sometime last year when faced with a stunning realization about myself, I started to develop an awareness of how the intensity of my passion all too often impairs my ability to reason. At the same time, I became aware that my ability to reason can too often be used to justify my passion. When struck with these impressions, I started to realize why so many of the failures in my life stemmed from not being able to balance the intensity of passion and the power of reason within me.

Since then, I have sought to better understand how to engage these fundamental characteristics of my human nature to better understand myself, other people, and the world we might share with each other.

Towards that goal, I invite you to explore the entries of this blog covering a wide variety of subjects — current events, politics, history, economics, science, and religion, to name a few. And sometimes, stories of a personal nature. But regardless of which particular topic discussed, it is my hope that you come away from visiting this site with an enhanced desire to better understand and engage the fundamental characteristics of your own nature. As a fellow human being.

Thank you for visiting, and leave a comment if so inspired. I can’t guarantee a personal reply, but I will try to consider what you in turn took the time and effort to share with me.

The Tightwire Guy

P.S. About a year after starting this blog under a different name, I realized that I needed to approach it differently, and changed the name to better enable me to do so. Because the entries posted to that earlier blog also contribute to this one’s mission, I’ve retained them for your viewing.

Thank you. And be well in all ways.